June 16, 2007

Fan Art - 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

This just came in from a Hello Hallyu contributor with a good dose of creative talents (that would be me, lol). Don't you think that Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye make a lovely on-screen couple? :)


Anonymous said...

sa rang hae!!!!!!!!!
annyeong haseoh!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm Very2 Love U yoon eun-hye,.,.


Make "The Coffee Prince 2",..

i'm Miss Go eun-chan,.,..T,T

Anonymous said...

Annyong Haseyo..all Kdrama lovers..
LUv Go eun Chan n Choi Han Kyul..
Hope will be in "The coffee Prince 2..."
Sarangheyo..Han Kyul..

Anonymous said...

AnNyeonG hAnsEyeoh......

oh my gosh....

I'm very luv u(Yu EuN hYe)
he he he...do you know.you're very beautiful and sexy!

i'm miss u so much
please... give me "the coffee prince 2"

Anonymous said...

coffee prince forever!!!!

Viva Yoon eun hye and Gong yoo..


Shena said...

I really like the team up of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye.I hope they will be having another film together.