February 27, 2008

Ahn Nyung Hee Ke Se Yo

Teddy and Mydaemon will be taking a well deserved break and vacation in London and Paris in the coming 2 weeks. Given the high costs (more like exorbitant!) of surfing the net while overseas, no new posts will be posted on HelloHallyu till we return in mid-March. While in Europe, we will definitely keep our eyes peeled for any Korean related activities or stars who happen to be there.

Do continue to support us while we are away. Will catch up with everyone again in 2 weeks time!

Ahn Nyung Hee Ke Se Yo!!!

February 25, 2008

YEH the new face of Amore Pacific

The ever vivacious Yoon Eun Hye has been chosen as the spokesperson for Amore Pacific's "V=B program". Don't ask me what V=B is about. All I know that the V=B program is some kind of beauty supplement which aids all the modern women out there in enhancing their "inner health", or at least that's what I interpreted from the chosun.com article.

Here's a shot of YEH looking ever so youthful and full of energy. This is probably the longest photo yet to be posted in HelloHallyu.

(Image Source: chosun.com)

Check out the 'making of' V=B CF below. Many thanks to jnccrs2 for posting it on YouTube.

February 23, 2008

Rain receives 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award

Rain looking all dapper at the award ceremony
(Image Source: Tour2Korea)

Rain was awarded the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award (Korean Image Didimdol Award) by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI). He is a shoo-in for this award since he has been one of the top international face of Korean pop culture and entertainment around the world in 2007. Voted as one of the Top 20 Trends Sweeping the Globe and starring in upcoming Hollywood flicks, it's not hard to see why he's the icon that CICI picked for the award.

Here's what Rain said during the ceremony.

"Rain said, ‘I think of my mom every time I win an award. The award I received today means more to me than any international award that I have won. This is a great honor, and I am grateful."

For me, that's another good reason why he deserved the award.

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February 15, 2008

A Ninja called Rain

Following the inroads made by Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hyeon, the Korean wave has continued it relentless sweep into America as Rain landed a lead role in the upcoming Hollywood movie "Ninja Assassin". This is a huge step forward for Rain following his supporting role in Wachowski's brothers production - "Speed Racer".

Speed Racer

Rain looking like a 'speed demon' in his Speed Racer role
(Source: Still derived from Speed Racer trailer)

Everything seems to be humming along well for this heart-throb in the Chinese Year of the Rat as he also recently concluded a contract with the William Morris Agency (WMA), a New York-based talent agency that represents entertainers such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Russell Crowe.

Source Article:
The Korean Herald - Rain grabs leading role in Hollywood film

February 10, 2008

War of Money

SBS has a knack for producing dramas that many normal folks can readily relate with. For example, people who are seeking, or struggling, to understand the meaning of love will greatly appreciate the way SBS broached and explored this issue in Alone in Love.

In War of Money, SBS has once again touched on a topic which we would have read about in the newspapers. This drama takes a close look at how people, their families, and loved ones, are affected when loans taken from loansharks pushes them over the edge.

A very down and out Guem Na Ra (Park Shin Yang)
(Image source: SBS)

In War of Money, Park Shin Yang plays Geum Na Ra, a successful financial broker who had everything going for him, but only to see everything crashing down around him after his father committed suicide hoping to spare his family from a spiralling loanshark debt. The story focuses on the ups and downs in Guem's life and how he himself became involved in the loansharking business.

War of Money is a really good drama. I am totally hooked after watching the first episode. Don't expect the usual Korean drama fare with extended scenes in the form of long emotional gazes and soft tender loving moments. This drama, with its fast paced storyline, puts into sharp focus the frustrations and anger faced by the protagonists, Park Shin Yang and Park Jin Hee, in dealing with the debts incurred by their family members. The actors bring across the emotions through fine acting rather than the much touted Korean cinematography, read - extended scenes described earlier.

I am not sure if SBS has a thing for casting the 'normal' looking blokes as the male leads in their dramas, but I do see an interesting similarity between the choice in casting Park and Gam Woo Sang in the dramas - War of Money and Alone in Love respectively. Both are not your typical Korean idols, given their more than normal looks. But both possess a certain charismatic quality and a repertoire of acting skills, which I find lacking in the young idol types. Sometimes looks just go so far in adding to the entertainment value of a drama. Experience and screen presence is priceless.

The beautiful Park Jin Hee
(Image source: SBS)

Apart from Park Shin Yang, War of Money also introduced me to Park Jin Hee. Park Jin Hee reminds me a lot of Sung Yu Ri. For some reason, I think they look really alike. To Mydaemon, she reminds her of a young Lee Young Ae. Hmmm, guess there's something common in the facial features of beautiful women.

Enough said, I am looking forward to tonight's episodes. For Singaporean fans, War of Money is running on Starhub's VV Drama on channel 56 every Sunday from 10.30pm to 12.15am. Catch it if you can!