February 23, 2008

Rain receives 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award

Rain looking all dapper at the award ceremony
(Image Source: Tour2Korea)

Rain was awarded the 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award (Korean Image Didimdol Award) by the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI). He is a shoo-in for this award since he has been one of the top international face of Korean pop culture and entertainment around the world in 2007. Voted as one of the Top 20 Trends Sweeping the Globe and starring in upcoming Hollywood flicks, it's not hard to see why he's the icon that CICI picked for the award.

Here's what Rain said during the ceremony.

"Rain said, ‘I think of my mom every time I win an award. The award I received today means more to me than any international award that I have won. This is a great honor, and I am grateful."

For me, that's another good reason why he deserved the award.

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