March 26, 2014

More thoughts on that all-consuming SBS alien-earthling romance

Finally, life can go back to normal. Teddy and I finished watching "You Who Came From The Stars" (also known as "My Love From Another Star") two days ago.

What am I feeling now? Mostly, a sense of relief it's over - no, not because it's bad (far from it), but because it was so intense chasing the series. We didn't do anything else besides watch TV in the evenings for nearly 2 weeks. Sigh, basically I have been deprived from Korean dramas for too long. Once I started on a series this good, I could not stop! Crazy, I know. But it was a good kind of crazy while it lasted. :)

I don't think I need to give another blow-by-blow synopsis of this insanely popular drama series. Too many other fans have done a much better job. If at all, I shall just say that it is a superbly executed blend of romance, humor and mystery. Jeon Ji Hyun absolutely shone in the show with her no-holds-barred portrayal of the lovable Cheon Song Yi. Kim Soo Hyun's Do Min Joon-sshi was a gem too, but I thought he didn't have as much scope to play with because of his role. After all, he is a 400 year-old alien stuck on Earth - the fellow has seen everything. So can you blame him for always looking rather cold and unemotional? But to his credit, the few emotional scenes he had were very well done. I thought he was really good at crying his heart out.

(Prof. Do Min Joon's heartrending tears)

"You Who Came From The Stars" would score a perfect 10 in my book if it had ended more thoughtfully, and not caved in so blatantly to viewers' demand (especially the last episode with the uncut epilogue). Although I rate this as a definite keeper, there are story elements that even a fan like me can't fully accept. I mean, wormholes? That was such a cop-out. It felt like a hurriedly put-together ending to wrap the story after the screenwriter ran out of steam. Yes, it was a sweet ending to one of the best rom-coms ever, but somehow it felt vaguely unsatisfying to me. What do you think?

(The too-perfect ending to an otherwise perfect rom-com)

March 25, 2014

Dongdaemum Design Plaza Opens

Dongdaemun Design Plaza - Designed to fit in Seoul
A new iconic landmark was added to Seoul's cityscape with the opening of the Dongdaemum Design Plaza(DDP) on 21 Mar 2014. Interestingly, DPP shares a common design and architectural roots with Qatar's iconic World Cup Stadium and China's Guangzhou Opera House (see photos below) - all three are the works of renowned British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

With its flowy curves, the DDP exudes an organic and natural feel.  In fact, its design footprint appears to be one inspired by nature since the complex seems to blend seamlessly with the space it shares with other buildings in Dongdaemun.  That aside, the location of the DDP, in the epicenter of Seoul's design hub, makes it the perfect place for budding designers as well as a cultural space to spread the Hallyu wave to local and foreign visitors alike.  This is not surprising since Zaha Hadid Architects had stated that “The design (of the DPP) was governed by the belief that architecture should enable people to think beyond existing boundaries, in order to reach innovative solutions”.

Currently the world's largest asymmetrical free-form building, the complex consists of facilities such as a convention centre, museum, art hall and a park - all suitable for the hosting of concerts, exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows and seminars.  Apart from its practical uses, I am sure media companies in Korea are rubbing their hands at the thought of filming a drama at the complex. What say you KBS, MBC, or SBS?

Anyway, do check out DDP's official website here. Alas, it's in Korean!

Qatar's futuristic looking World Cup Stadium

Guangzhou's Opera House

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March 23, 2014

KBS' Entertainment Weekly Interviews Shin Sung Rok

Apart from Gianna Jun and Kim Soo Hyun, Shin Sung Rok (Lee Jae Kyung) definitely performed well in his role as the ultimate baddie murderous brother to Hee Kyung (Park Hae Jin).  How can anyone forget that oh-so devious smirk that flashes across his urbane face whenever murderous thoughts flashes through that evil mind of his.  I wouldn't want to be in the same room as Jae Kyung when he starts caressing his well polished "nail ring".

Anyway, check out the real Shin Sung Rok in KBS' Entertainment Weekly video below. With his drama persona removed, he looks kinda like a friendly sort of guy.

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Inter-galactic Love Story that Spans 400 Years

I really enjoyed the 400-year romance story between Prof. Do Min Joon and Cheong Song Yi. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I created this short homemade video for fellow HelloHallyu fans to re-indulge and bask in the warmth of  their love again. Ahhh.... do spread the love if you liked watching the MV as much as I liked making it. Kamsahamnida!

My Love from Another Star (My Destiny - Lyn) from HelloHallyu on Vimeo.

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March 22, 2014

Kim Soo Hyun in Singapore (27 Apr 2014)

Flying to Singapore on 27 Apr 2014
Fans of My Love from Another Star are in for a treat as Kim Soo Hyun will be coming to Singapore for a one-day fan meet on 27 Apr 2014.  The event will be held at the Singapore Expo Hall 1 with tickets going from S$138 to S238.  It is kinda pricey, so do start saving up your pocket money if you intend to check out one of Korea's hottest stars, cos I am sure that the event would be sold-out!

See below for the details of the event:

2014 Kim Soo Hyun Asia Tour 1st Memories in Singapore

Date: 27 Apr 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 1
Ticket pricing: $238*, $188*, $138* (*excludes $3 booking fee)
Ticketing hotline: 6348 5555 or

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