October 6, 2008

KBS Drama - The World They Live In @ Worlds Within

Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin looking cool against Singapore's skyline
(Source: Chosunilbo )

My eyes nearly popped when I saw this photo. No, I was drooling at the uber attractive cast of Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin in their roles for the drama The World They Live In. Rather, I was pleasantly surprised by the backdrop of the photo. It's none other than the skyline of Singapore!!!

Pity that I was too busy to catch a glimpse of the filming while the cast and the crew of Worlds Within were filming in town. Now I can't wait to see which part of Singapore was captured in the drama.

The Kingdom of the Winds - Poster

Saw this poster while, still, catching up with the Korean entertainment scene. I am over the moon with the fact that The Kingdom of the Winds is a KBS production as this means that I will get to watch it 'live' on KBS World. :)

Just to update my readers out there, I have just discovered that I have the Arirang channel on my cable! It's on channel 172 of Starhub's cable, and silly old me failed to discover this fact despite my frequent forays to channel 173 - KBS World!!!

Now back to my reading. If only work is so fun!

October 1, 2008


Apologies to all for the long hiatus. Real life caught up with us at HelloHallyu. Thus, the long, I am mean really long, absence.

The good thing is, we had 2 very good Korean dramas which accompanied us through this busy time. The dramas which I speak of is Air City and The Golden Bride. Will be giving my reviews on the dramas in a later post.

Time to do some 'homework' and catch up with the latest developments in Korean entertainment. As always, it feels good to be back!