May 28, 2008

Pictures - MBC's Spotlight

Here are some pictures of Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee taken from their filming for MBC's new drama - Spotlight. Don't you think they look great together? The Spotlight dvd set is definitely on my shopping list in the coming months. Looks like I have to make do with checking out clips and pictures on the net till I get the dvds.

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May 27, 2008

Rain's "Kungfu Fighting" a big hit


Rain's rendition of "Kungfu Fighting" for the upcoming Kungfu Panda has garnered rave reviews before the official launch of the movie's Asian version of the OST on 29 May. There are 3 versions of this song, each sung by different singers for different markets - Cee-Lo Green (US version), Rain and Sam Concepcion (both for the Asian market).

Here's the clip. Enjoy!

May 26, 2008

Korean Stars chip in to help China quake victims

Jackie, Rain and Park Jin Young are all heroes in both reel and real life!
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May 2008 marked the twin natural tragedies where Typhoon Nargis hitting Myanmar hard while the massive earthquake shattered large swathes of the Sichuan province in China. As aid around the world started pouring into these countries, it is heartening to see that Korean stars, together with their Chinese counterparts are coming together to raise aid for the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan.

According to The Korean Herald's - Jackie Chan, JYP join to help quake victims:

"International martial-arts and action-comic star Jackie Chan will join hands with Korean singer/producer Park Jin-young and film director Kang Je-gyu to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Sichuan, China. JYP Entertainment said yesterday that Chan has solicited the help of his two Korean friends -- Park and Kang -- to launch a charity project featuring K-pop stars.

JYP said that Chan will be visiting Seoul starting today to observe the recording of the Asian version of "USA for Africa" and filming of the music
video. The lineup of singers who will be participating in the project has yet to
be released, though JYP said Park has been contacting a wide variety of top-notch Korean entertainers and other celebrities, including singer and actor

HelloHallyu applauds all Asian entertainers and stars for coming together at a time when fellow asian citizens are in need of help and care. I am looking forward to listening to the Asian version of "USA for Africa", or should I say "We are the World" according to some other sources. Whatever the title, Hellohallyu is in full support of this humanitarian effort to raise funds in aid of those in need.

This project is carried out under the theme "Asia is one, We Love Asia". So look out for it!

The Legend Premieres in Singapore

Singapore fans of Bae Yong Jun must have rejoiced as The Legend made its much awaited premiere on small screens via Channel U at 7.30pm last night (Sunday). It must have been a long wait for many since the drama has been released for quite some time in Korea.

I happened to switch over from the 'live' coverage of the F1 Monaco GP, being a Ferrari fan that I am, to watch the sequence showing the 3 gods taking on the black phoenix. It felt great to rewatch this sequence and relive the part where Bae Yong Joon had to kill Lee Ji Ah to put an end to the destruction wrought on by the black phoenix conjured by Lee Ji Ah's anger.

I noticed that the picture quality of the drama suffered greatly on the telly. I can tell the difference as I watched this series on dvd. Not sure if it has something to do with the fact the Channel U is currently not a HD channel. It's a real pity that the full glory of the special effects in the drama cannot be enjoyed by fans in Singapore.

For those who can afford the dvds, I suggest that you grab a copy and enjoy the drama in its full High Definition glory which it was meant to be seen in the first place. For your info, I bought the below version. It's pretty good, the chinese dubbing is quite well done and I had no problem with any of the discs. And I paid around S$25 for it. So it's pretty cheap for a series running for 30 plus episodes. Since it's the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) season, you might get it even at lower prices!

Btw, Hellohallyu am in no way advertising for this particular version. We are just giving some honest opinions on the version we bought! :)

May 20, 2008

YEH does a Marilyn

Here's Yoon Eun Hye looking drop dead gorgeous a la Marilyn Monroe pose in her new ad for Amore Pacific. YEH is definitely maturing into quite an alluring beauty, but I do kind of miss her more innocant and child-like look when she first broke into showbiz with The Princess Hours.

Song Hye Gyo makes small screen comeback

Song Hye Gyo last graced small screens with her last TV drama Full House in 2004. Since then her career has taken her to the silver screen with indie flicks such Fetish. I am sure fans of Song would have leapt in joy, well my heart did skip a beat, when I read that Song will once again appear in a new KBS2 drama The World They Live In which will air sometime in November (mark this date). Also found out that my favourite male Korean actor Hyun Bin will be starring opposite Song! Now this drama sounds like a potential hit.

This drama revolves around Song and Hyun who are production directors in the setting of a drama production set. I am sure such a setting makes for a good story since fans of Korean drama all around the world, like myself, would love to have a peek, no matter how unreal it is, at how their Korean dramas are produced. I have already put a big red 'X' in my calendar for November. Do remember to mark it on your calendar since it has been a long 4 years when a last saw the ever sweet and effervescent Song on the telly.