May 26, 2008

Korean Stars chip in to help China quake victims

Jackie, Rain and Park Jin Young are all heroes in both reel and real life!
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May 2008 marked the twin natural tragedies where Typhoon Nargis hitting Myanmar hard while the massive earthquake shattered large swathes of the Sichuan province in China. As aid around the world started pouring into these countries, it is heartening to see that Korean stars, together with their Chinese counterparts are coming together to raise aid for the victims of the earthquake in Sichuan.

According to The Korean Herald's - Jackie Chan, JYP join to help quake victims:

"International martial-arts and action-comic star Jackie Chan will join hands with Korean singer/producer Park Jin-young and film director Kang Je-gyu to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Sichuan, China. JYP Entertainment said yesterday that Chan has solicited the help of his two Korean friends -- Park and Kang -- to launch a charity project featuring K-pop stars.

JYP said that Chan will be visiting Seoul starting today to observe the recording of the Asian version of "USA for Africa" and filming of the music
video. The lineup of singers who will be participating in the project has yet to
be released, though JYP said Park has been contacting a wide variety of top-notch Korean entertainers and other celebrities, including singer and actor

HelloHallyu applauds all Asian entertainers and stars for coming together at a time when fellow asian citizens are in need of help and care. I am looking forward to listening to the Asian version of "USA for Africa", or should I say "We are the World" according to some other sources. Whatever the title, Hellohallyu is in full support of this humanitarian effort to raise funds in aid of those in need.

This project is carried out under the theme "Asia is one, We Love Asia". So look out for it!

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