September 19, 2010

MBC - Personal Taste

MBC's success in getting "hunk of the moment" Lee Min Ho to pair up with veteran Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste must have been a coup. I have been anamored with Son's flawless acting since I first laid eyes on her performance as a alzheimer stricken girl in the 2004 movie - A Moment to Remember.  While I can't say much about Lee, having missed Boys Over Flowers, all I can say is that he's a good looking chap.

Throw any role at Son and she will just slide into character as if the script had been specifically written for her. You know what I mean when you go back to SBS's 2006 drama Alone in Love. where Son played a middled-aged divorcee coming to terms with her divorce. I am still in amazement with her ability to pile on the weight and look the 30-odd year old woman that she was portraying.

In Personal Taste, Son plays the role of an furniture designer who gets dumped by her good for nothing boyfriend the day before he weds one of her best friends, whom I think is such a bitc*! Fate must have thought she needed more challenges in life, as if she's not troubled enough, when her male buddy got her into some loanshark debt which she has to settle.

Lee, on the other hand, plays a suave architect who, despite his apparent talents, gets thwarted in his work but none other than Son's ex-boyfriend. That's pretty much all that I can say for now cos I have only watched a grand total of ONE episode. :)

But the vibes I get from this drama has been great so far. It's weird, but one can really sense whether a drama is a hit, or a 'stinker' just by the vibe, or gut feel, one gets from viewing the first episode. A classic example is My Fair Lady.  Despite my adoration of Yoon Eun Hye, I had this bad feeling that My Fair Lady is a professional mistake after the first 10 or so minutes of watching it. Truth be said, I think My Fair Lady is one of the worst dramas I have seen for a long time.

So, should you watch Personal Taste if you have just that 1 hour to spare for your daily dose of Korean entertainment. HelloHallyu's answer is an equivocal YES! I think Personal Taste is gonna be a fun and campy show with full of laughs and good entertainment. It's hard to go wrong when you have Son anchoring the show while having Lee as her side-kick.

Personal Taste is now showing on Singapore's Channel U every Saturday at 9.30pm to 11pm. Episode 3 will be screened this weekend. Alternatively, you can catch replays of the series on the "Catch-up TV" on the XINMSN website. Click on this link to catch the first 3 episodes. Enjoy!

May 28, 2010

Wonder Girls - Nobody (MV)

Sigh... it has been another long hiatus from HelloHallyu. Although we have been away, we have still be faithfully following some of the latest Korean dramas, with Queen Seon Deok being the drama we last watched.

There's no better way for us than to 'reconnect' with K-pop through Wonder Girls' "Nobody". While it's a tad dated, but we think this catchy tune captures the essence of why we are still so into K-pop after all these years. Enjoy!