November 27, 2007

Going to Hollywood

Another Korean star is crossing the Pacific Ocean for the bright lights and glitz of Hollywood. Song Hye Gyo, of Autumn in My Heart and Full House fame, will star in an 'indie' production titled "Fetish".

While I am not a big fan, yet, of Song Hye Gyo, I have always appreciated her performances in Autumn in My Heart and Full House, which I happen to be watching now.

Based on what I have seen so far, Song Hye Gyo is a versatile actress who has handled roles ranging from the melancholic to the hyper-active well. See the contrast between her roles in Autumn in My Heart and Full House and you will understand what I mean

Her delicate features and sweet good looks should give her some headway in making her presence felt on American shores. However, language may be something which could trip her budding Hollywood aspirations, if that's what she's aiming for.

Having seen enough Korean stars stumbling over their English one-liners in various dramas, I sincerely hope that Song Hye Gyo gets enough language coaching as about 80% of her lines in "Fetish" will be in English.

Think I need not talk too much about this as readers can read all the related articles on this below.

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