May 20, 2008

Song Hye Gyo makes small screen comeback

Song Hye Gyo last graced small screens with her last TV drama Full House in 2004. Since then her career has taken her to the silver screen with indie flicks such Fetish. I am sure fans of Song would have leapt in joy, well my heart did skip a beat, when I read that Song will once again appear in a new KBS2 drama The World They Live In which will air sometime in November (mark this date). Also found out that my favourite male Korean actor Hyun Bin will be starring opposite Song! Now this drama sounds like a potential hit.

This drama revolves around Song and Hyun who are production directors in the setting of a drama production set. I am sure such a setting makes for a good story since fans of Korean drama all around the world, like myself, would love to have a peek, no matter how unreal it is, at how their Korean dramas are produced. I have already put a big red 'X' in my calendar for November. Do remember to mark it on your calendar since it has been a long 4 years when a last saw the ever sweet and effervescent Song on the telly.

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