June 3, 2008

KBS - The Kingdom of the Winds

Like grandfather like grandson. Song as Prince Muhyul - Jumong's grandson.

Song Il Kook is making a comeback to historical drama following his portrayal as Prince Jumong in MBC's production some two years back. This follows after his last drama in SBS' Lobbyist. In KBS' - The Kingdom of the Winds, Song will play the role of Jumong's grandson, Prince Muhyul, the third king of Goguryeo. The Kingdom of the Winds is a remake of a comic by Kim Jin. Song expressed that reprising a character so closely related to his previous role in Jumong has given him added pressure to perform. However, we at HelloHallyu think KBS has got the right guy. Who's better to portray Jumong's grandon than Jumong himself.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we just started to sub this drama. Come and participate!


Nodame said...

English subtitle for “The kingdom of the winds” Episode2 has been completed. Come and enjoy!


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Kingdom Of The Winds Forum


sarmen said...

the kingdom of the winds is a great show

we have subtitled version