March 25, 2014

Dongdaemum Design Plaza Opens

Dongdaemun Design Plaza - Designed to fit in Seoul
A new iconic landmark was added to Seoul's cityscape with the opening of the Dongdaemum Design Plaza(DDP) on 21 Mar 2014. Interestingly, DPP shares a common design and architectural roots with Qatar's iconic World Cup Stadium and China's Guangzhou Opera House (see photos below) - all three are the works of renowned British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

With its flowy curves, the DDP exudes an organic and natural feel.  In fact, its design footprint appears to be one inspired by nature since the complex seems to blend seamlessly with the space it shares with other buildings in Dongdaemun.  That aside, the location of the DDP, in the epicenter of Seoul's design hub, makes it the perfect place for budding designers as well as a cultural space to spread the Hallyu wave to local and foreign visitors alike.  This is not surprising since Zaha Hadid Architects had stated that “The design (of the DPP) was governed by the belief that architecture should enable people to think beyond existing boundaries, in order to reach innovative solutions”.

Currently the world's largest asymmetrical free-form building, the complex consists of facilities such as a convention centre, museum, art hall and a park - all suitable for the hosting of concerts, exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows and seminars.  Apart from its practical uses, I am sure media companies in Korea are rubbing their hands at the thought of filming a drama at the complex. What say you KBS, MBC, or SBS?

Anyway, do check out DDP's official website here. Alas, it's in Korean!

Qatar's futuristic looking World Cup Stadium

Guangzhou's Opera House

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