January 14, 2008

K-Pop - 20 Trends Sweeping the Globe

Forbes has identified Korean pop entertainment as one of the top 20 trends sweeping the globe today. Looks like the Hallyu wave is still making waves around the world!

Here's what Forbes have to say about the K-Pop trend.

"Hear that? The Hallyu wave is coming!" The world's grooving to the tune of the Korean Rain dance.
(Image source: Paul McConnell/Getty Images)

Groove To Korean Pop
Korean pop music has made waves across Asia for years, with homegrown stars selling out shows from Kyoto to Kuala Lumpur. But the scene, rife with over-produced starlets and goody-two-shoes boy bands, has been a little saccharine for Western tastes. That's changing, with indie bands finally catching a break and hip-hoppers like Eun Ji Won toying with with Latin fusion for a truly original sound. K-pop star and actor Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) will make his Hollywood debut this year, with a role in Speed Racer, directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski, creators of The Matrix.

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