January 14, 2008

In Pictures - Gong Yoo enters the army

Some photos of Gong Yoo in his crewcut hairdo as he enlists for the army. Here's wishing him all the best in his new vocation. We at HelloHallyu are looking forward to his release and hopefully more dramas from this hunk when he's back with us in 2010!!!

(Photos: chosun.com)

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kerumfetti said...

I'm so sad.. is it required for him to go to the military? why? I hope when he comes back that there will be a coffe prince 2.. I can already imagine a story plot for it..

Eun chan and Han Kyul are still arguing about getting married.. then Eun Chan will be the new manager and barista of the coffee princess. Within the story(which is 4-5 episodes) the couple will have an argument about getting married or not. Then, Eun chan will give up and get married with Han Kyul. Though they are already married Han Kyul still let Eun Chan to be a barista.

In the middle part of the story, Han Kyul & Eun Chan will fight a lot because of their work. They will feel that they are not giving enough time for each other. A big fight will happen and Eun Chan will move out. She will be staying with her mom and the new apartment. Han Kyul at first gave her space to think about what's going on between them. During those cool of time Eun Chan will meet a new guy that likes her. She doesn't put any malice to her relationship with the guy cause she still love Han Kyul. Eun Chan and the guy will start hanging out(Eun Chan is releasing all her anger to the guy, she's telling him all her problems and the guy comferts her). After few weeks of thinking, Han Kyul decides to ask Eun Chan for forgiveness when he suddenly sees her with the guy. He will feel betrayed and will just say harsh words to her. She's of course will get mad but still going to ask for his forgiveness. Because Eun Chan became more depress, the guy decides to talk to Han Kyul and try to fix the thing between Han Kyul & Eun Chan. The guy soon leaves and went somewhere really far. Han Kyul went back with Eun Chan and they bare a kid and leave happily ever after...

that's just my imagination:)

p.s. I think it will be better if Eun Chan gets pregnant before they seperate.. That will give more reason for Han Kyul to reunite with Eunchan..

comments will be appreciated.. you guys can email me..

Anonymous said...

he looks so ugly with crew cut

Anonymous said...

kerumfetti....while i was riding your story i was thinking how it'd be and thats a good story....u should write the coffee prince 2 xD i like it