January 2, 2008

First post for 2008

Everyone loves to kick off the new year with a bang. Well, I did and I had 2 home delivered pizzas to kick it off with on New Year's Eve!

Each new year is a special period for me as I spend a moment to reflect about the what have I done with my life in the previous year. 2007 was a special one since it was the year which started me off with my obsession, I call it love, for Korean drama, its food and culture.

While Hellohallyu is sort of my hobby blog, I have grown to look forward to each opportunity to serve up the latest news, which must interest me first, to all Hallyu fans out there.

I have only one simple resolution for Hellohallyu this year. And that's to continue updating this blog as regularly and humanely possible. Believe me, it's really no easy task managing a full-time job and maintaining this blog. I do hope that you have enjoyed what I have dished out thus far.

And here's the real post for the day. . .

As the buzz of the holidays recede and all of us goes back to our routine, some Hallyu stars will be drafted into the Korean military for their compulsory military service. In 12 days time (on 14 Jan 2008), our very own Coffee Prince Gong Yoo will be enlisted to serve the Korean military.

I will leave you here with his acceptance speech when he received the Male Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards 2007. The speech was translated by soompi member allhl.

"Today my outfit is in military green colour, I think in future I will be mainly wearing this colour. Since I first started acting, maybe because I am a bit arrogant, I never thought of winning an award like this but now that I am holding this award in reality, I am really happy. My parents are also watching this awards ceremony at home, my mom who still looks like a young girl, actually after CP, my dad who gave me a lot of autographed editions (NB: literal translation - not sure what this is saying), my CP family, my fans club who has always been supporting me all along, also all those who love me, thank you to all of you! I love you all! I hope everyone can continue to be healthy and happy! PD actually hoped that Yeh and I will win the best couple award, I feel disappointed that we did not win ... Before I enter MS, this is the last time I will appear before your TV screen, on January 14 next year I will enter the army training service for military training. I will enter the military with full spirit! When I am in MS, please do not forget me!"

After his fantastic performance in The First Shop of the Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo will definitely be sorely missed. But rest assured that we here at HelloHallyu will never forget him. Actually, I am already looking forward to the future post to announce his return to showbiz when he's discharged from military service. So watch this space!

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