January 9, 2008

My Sassy Girl going to US and Japan

(Image source: HanCinema)

My Sassy Girl was a definitive Korean movie for me since it was one of the first Korean movies to have left a deep imprint on me. Who can forget the beautiful OST which included the timeless Pachelbel's Canon and its memorable main theme "I Believe".

Music aside, the well scripted romantic comedy movie also catapulted Jeon Ji Hyeon and Cha Tae Hyun to instant stardom commanding hordes of fans around the world. I still have vivid memories of how Cha met Jeon at the underground transit. Scenes of Jeon and Cha shouting to each other across the mountain range, the time capsule and all the hilarious moments, such as the 'slapping' game (see picture above) on the train, are still vivid in my mind.

After the movie success in 2001, we will see it's drama (Japanese) and movie (US) adaption of this timeless tale in 2008. In the Japanese drama, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, of SMAP, will take on Cha's role as the lovable Gyeon Woo, while Lena Tanaka will take on Jeon's role as "The Girl", for her name was never mentioned in the original movie.

The Gals: Jeon Ji Hyeon and her wannabes Lena Tanaka and Elisha Cuthbert. I still think Jeon comes up tops in the X-factor compartment by miles.

The Guys: Cha Tae Hyun and his wannabes Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Jesse Bradford. Doubt anyone can replicate that sweet goofy trademark smile of Cha.

For the American movie adaptation, filming has already been completed and is awaiting its debut in the US market. The movie stars Jesse Bradford in Cha's role while Elisha Cuthbert will be "The Girl".

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