January 7, 2008

KBS found a winner in Hong Gil Dong

(Image Source: chosun.com)

The latest KBS drama offering Hong Gil Dong seems to have struck the right note with audiences in Korea. Going by the various reviews and comments made in the Korean media, I gather that Hong Gil Dong is doing well in the ratings war with dramas by the rival networks.

Debuting on KBS 2 last Wednesday, words like "young and fresh" were used to described the drama. According to The Korea Herald, "this new take on the traditional historical drama presents the most unlikely mix of global pop culture references to ever hit TV screens".
"From Hong Kong action stunts to Bollywood belly dancing to a touch of Shakespearean stage humor, this drama gives the classic story of one of Korea`s most popular heroes, Hong Gil-dong, a radical makeover."

You know that this drama must be that good to garner such positive comments. Frankly, having watched a couple of Bollywood movies, I know the producers of Hong Gil Dong must have done a lot of homework if Sung Yu Ri is to look good and natural doing belly dancing around a coconut tree. That's a fantasy of mine, not sure if Sung Yu Ri actually did such a scene in the drama.

But I know that she did this. . .
" . . . Sung Yu-ri, a former member of the hit girl-group Fin.K.L., turns bathroom humor into an art in her role as the boyish heroine Heo Lee-nok. In the second episode, Sung, 26, defecates in the wilderness, to put it nicely. From her singing while she does her business to her delicate selection of the right leaf to use as toilet paper, Sung pulls off the scene with perfect comic timing."

Reading it already sounds hilarious! I would like to see how the icy snow queen turns into a bathroom humour queen in this drama.

Now, I just have to wait another 1 - 2 weeks before it hit the screens on KBS World.

Life's good in 2008.

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Source Article:
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