January 7, 2008

Apologies to all readers

I would like to sincerely apologise to all readers who came here and was re-directed to a 'fake' looking 'advertlets.com' website over the weekend. Did not realise that Hellohallyu was 'hijacked' over the weekend and had the shock of my life last night when I logged on only to be directed to what I would call a high suspicious 'phishing'-looking website.

Managed to trace the problem to troubles at the web advertising company advertlets.com (aka the culprit). Removed the offending html code and the problem was solved. You can now safely surf HelloHallyu without any fear of being re-directed to some strange looking website.

We at HelloHallyu will never do such a thing cause we are internet users ourselves and we know how irksome it is to close those pop-up windows and being re-directed to dubious websites while innocently surfing the net.

For those interested, here's the apology from advertlets.com. I find it hard to believe that a legitimate company did such a thing. They should have at least disabled their html code or something like that. Frankly, all my faith in this Malaysian dot.com company is all but gone. Think I will review for some time before even considering putting up their ads again.

Once again, apologies to all affected readers.

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Luna Esa said...

Yar! I was reading about the MBC awards on your page when that happened. And you know what I had to resort to? Immediately hit the stop button at the top of the page whenever I spotted the ad threatening to appear again .