December 3, 2007

Sung Yu Ri's new drama - Hong Gil Dong (KBS)

Girls dressing up as boys seems to be the 'in' thing following Go Yun Chan's character in The First Shop of Coffee Prince. Now the ever beautiful Sung Yu Ri will do a "Go Eun Chan" in KBS' new series Hong Gil Dong.


In this 2008 drama series Sung Yu Ri takes on the role of Heo Yi Nok and stars opposite Kang Ji Hwan, of Capital Scandal fame, starring as the male lead - Hong Gil Dong.

"You may be pretty, but you sure are heavy too!"
(Image Source: KBS)

In the story, Heo Yi Nok is born into a respectable family but does not know of her past as after her family fell into disrepute. And since gallivanting alone along the ancient Korean streets is a definitely no-no for girls during the period the drama is set in, Heo Yi Nok dresses up as a boy so that she can explore the streets and have her fun.

Sung Yu Ri shows a grittier side to her repertoire of acting skills this time round as it was reported that she did most of the action sequences herself without a stunt double. You did not read wrongly, she did the stunts herself. Hmmmm... a Korean version of Hong Kong's Michelle Yeoh.


I can't wait for Hong Gil Dong to air on KBS World. Think it should hit the small screen sometime in Jan or Feb 2008. What a way to start the year!



Anonymous said...

THE BEST DRAMA IN THE WORLD<3333333333333333

Anonymous said...

I agree! I liked the romance, action, drama, and the comedy!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Yeoh is a Malaysian...==