December 27, 2007

Pictures - Hong Gil Dong

HelloHallyu is back to normal service after a festive weekend of feasting on turkey ham and beer basted pork knuckle. It was a great weekend. Anyway, I am kinda rusty having been out of touch with the Korean entertainment scene, barring watching Jumong, over the last few days.

To bring myself and everyone up to date, my X'mas, or post-X'mas offering, is a batch of photos from the press conference for the upcoming KBS drama Hong Gil Dong that took place yesterday.

(All images are taken from

The costumes alone is already reason for me to look forward to this drama. Don't they remind you of anime characters coming to life? Kang Ji Hwan certainly looks cool and yet comical with his rose tinted glasses. And Sung Yu Ri is so. . . kawaii!!!

I have a feeling that Hong Gil Dong will take the slot for Pretty Insun on KBS World once the latter ends. Keeping my fingers crossed since I have been disappointed before.

Oh, did I tell anyone that I am following Pretty Insun too? Time constraints meant that I have only seen the first 2 episodes of Pretty Insun. But I definitely liked what I have seen so far.

Darn, so many good Korean dramas, but so little time! Thank God for DVD recorders!!!


Anonymous said...

Hong Gil-Dong is one of my favorite shows lol Actually all three of my fav shows are side by side. Likeable or Not, Unstoppable Wedding, and Hong Gil-Dong lol I just finished watching episode 3 too lol. woot. Great show.

Teddy said...

Glad that you are enjoying all the dramas KBS World. You must feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. :)

Yup, Hong Dil-Dong is indeed an interesting drama. :D

Stan Jones @ Wedding Invitations said...

Thanks for a set of photos from the set of highly anticipated KBS drama. I would highly appreciated your great updates.

Stan Jones - "Invitations Wedding"

Math and Games said...

Yeah, I love to look all the photos shared. Just keep on posting!

Janet Cox - "Cool Math Kids Games"

sarmen said...

this is a very interesting drama.

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