June 30, 2007

Hallyu Romantic Festival in Japan

As a fan of the Hallyu wave, especially it's dramas, I try to follow news on the global "Hallyu wave" as closely, time permitting, as I can. Just read in KBS Global's website that a Hallyu Romantic Festival 2007 just took place recently in Japan. The event, unsurprisingly, attracted huge attention from both Japanese fans and media alike. It is even less surprising when you count the guys (featured in the picture below) as part of the star studded guests. Being a K-drama fan, I am rather ashamed to say that I can recognise only three of the faces below. Well, I can only take heart that learning is a lifelong activity, and my obsession with K-dramas started only this April. Yeah, you are staring at a 2-month old K-drama fan! It's great to be young!

(Source: KBS Global)

Pssst, guess which are the 3 hunks of the 6 above I recognised?

1. Top-Left - Gong Yoo

He is too easy! I see him in the First Shop of Coffee Prince's photos with Yoon Eun Hye as well as the One Fine Day drama which I watched recently.

2. Bottom-Centre - Ji Jin Hee

Despite his relative good looks, the one and only reason I remember him for is his portrayal of role in Dae Jang Gum. Remembered seeing him in a 2002 movie thriller "H". Not sure what he's up to nowadays.

3. Bottom-Right - Cha Tae Hyun

Love this guy. He and Jeon Ji Hyun, in My Sassy Girl opened my eyes to the Hallyu wave back in 2001. Knew little of what Cha Tae Hyun did between My Sassy Girl till his role in Flowers for My Life, which I happen to be catching on KBS World. This is a wonderful drama which I recommend to all readers. Anyway, this guy has a face which is really difficult to not to love.

Now, I need the experts out there to tell me who are the other 3 hunks. :)

Oh, btw, should the organisers of the festival happen to read this, please organise a similar festival in Singapore, or any other country nearby, I am sure Hallyu fans around the south-east asian region would appreciate that! A teeny weeny request (to the organisers), please include Yoon Eun Hye as one of the guest stars!


Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I love "My Sassy Girl" a lot. It is so far the best Korean Movie I have watched. It is a funny, beautiful and touching story. The second for me would be "Millionaire's First Love". I think I don't have to tell you why "Millionaire" is second...

Teddy said...

Hey "Teddy"! :)

Yeah, My Sassy Girl is one of my all-time favourite movies. The OST was fantastic too.

Is the Millionaire First Love good? Wanted to get the dvd but have never found the time to. Have you watched "Ireland"? Think you should love that too. keke...

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

Oh, go and read my review on Ireland at my blog. Hahaha! I beg to differ.
I find Millionaire's First Love quite typically Korean in storyline. However, the filming, acting and lead actor and actress are good. Worth watching.

Teddy said...

Will check out the review in Snow Palace. Hmmm... Ireland must be something for a Hyun Bin fan not to like it. :P

wienerzzz said...

just wanted to fill you in a little.
the top center: yoon gye sang
he's been in the drama "My Sister in law is 18" and "Crazy for You" is his recent drama. he was also in a movie called "flying boys".

top right: jang hyuk
he was in a drama called "The Success of a bright girl" or something like that (i dont know the english translation of the name of the drama ^^) and also "Into the Sunlight" which is a veryyy old k-drama. and recently was in a drama called "thank you". also was in a movie called "VOlcano High"

bottom-left: jo in sung
famous dramas include "What Happened in Bali" (or that's my own translation). very popular among girls.
was also in the movie "the classic".


Teddy said...

Hey wienerzzz!

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Was wondering when, or if, someone will tell me who were the others in the photo. The lack of answers was starting to gnaw on my nerves. My nerves can now go back to their peaceful/restful state. :D