June 11, 2007

New SBS Drama "Perfect Match" pips MBC's "Air City" in ratings

After 3 episodes, SBS' latest drama offering - Perfect Match has overtaken MBC's Air City in viewership ratings. Shin Eun Gyeong (申恩庆) stars as a successful fashion magazine editor who places her career above all else, even love. However, a series of incidents convinced her that life would be kind of lonely in the later part of her life should she end up all alone. The fear of loneliness drove her to look for a man. Not any man mind you. She's looking for the perfect man to father her child, the child who would provide her with company in her golden years. And of all people, she meets a guy - Ryu Soo Young (崔智友), of the conservative "love forever" sort, to hatch her 'devious' plan. No prizes for guessing the awkward and interesting situations such a couple is likely to face together.

(Photo source: Chosunilbo)

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