July 3, 2007

Tough being a K-drama Fan

Holding a full-time job and maintaining 2 blogs ain't easy. Heck, it's actually pretty tough. It takes a lot of commitment, a huge dose of interest, and loads of energy to write new posts on those dramas that I am watching, things that are happening in the Korean entertainment scene, while at the same time, keeping my friends cued on what's happening in my life in another blog. I take my hat off to bloggers behind Dramabeans and Popseoul for keeping their blogs so updated and interesting.

Hardships aside, I am absolutely enjoying this hectic schedule!

Being Connected with Life
Since starting HelloHallyu, I feel a renewed sense of being alive and actually knowing what I want to do in life. Everything I do, or want to do now, has a reason. Although this blog would seem superficial to many, to me, it is a manifestation of a passion to do something I like, and to do it well. Yes! I am passionate about K-dramas and sharing this passion and interest with like-minded, and yet to be converted, fans in the blogosphere.

Overcoming the "I don't feel like blogging syndrome" after a hard day's work
Some days I feel so dog tired after work, and cooking dinner, yah I wear the chef's hat at home, that it takes a mighty effort just to switch on the PC to update HelloHallyu and Fieldmarshal (my other blog). However, once the PC boots up, my mind would naturally perk up as it knows it is going to get a huge dose of fun - in reading other K-drama blogs and latest news on the Korean entertainment scene.

Top of my reading list would be the blogs and information websites listed under the "You've Been Hallyued" section (check it out!). The listed blogs are selected for providing real (as in personal and heartfelt) and interesting musings by writers who are genuinely into Korean entertainment. The news and network websites provides invaluable resources and information on the latest drama that each network is currently producing, although some tend to be a tad slow in releasing news via their "global" sites.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
After having filled my brain with interesting news and drama reviews, I would sit down and mull about the stuff I will post in HelloHallyu. This is always the trickiest part for me. I am always, and I mean all the time, torn between quickly putting up something short and fun, but somewhat lacking substance, or do I write something more thoughtful, which means spending a lot more time writing and editing. I am glad to say that I would always go for the latter option. So what you see is what I truly feel at the moment of writing.

Having said so much, I have to confess that my previous efforts to write a summary/short review for each episode of the dramas which I am currently watching is sadly not sustainable. Therefore, I have decided to write the reviews once I have watched all 16 episodes of the dramas, since most K-dramas are 16-parters. So do look out for my, or Yupgi's (my wife hehe), reviews for Fantasy Couple, Flowers for My Life, and the soon to be screened Scandal in the Old Seoul.

Think I have outdone myself today. Do enjoy yourself while you are here!


Yupgi said...

You're already doing better than me. :P When I update my personal blog, I don't have time to update HelloHallyu. But I make sure I give my comments, hehe.

Yeah, I'm definitely grateful to those folks who keep the rest of us updated on what's happening on the K-front! Now, I'm just waiting to finish watching Flowers for My Life. :)

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I am the reverse. I have all energy to blog and surf net for K-news. I have been trying hard not to neglect my work. :P
In one day, I can have at least 1 entry be it personal, Access Excess or K-blog, Snow Palace. Hehehe! I am a bad bad girl.

Yupgi said...

I know what you mean about neglecting work. Cos I have to stop myself from checking korean drama news in office!

Teddy said...

icysnowqueen, as Singaporeans guys would say it, you are "power"! Keep it going! :)