November 14, 2007

DVD Boxset 2 for The First Shop of Coffee Prince is now available!

Somebody must be listening to the grouses of Korean drama fans in Singapore. If not, what can be the reason for the sudden influx of the latest Korean drama titles on the shelves of dvd shops? Well, I am definitely not complaining!

Today, with my purchase of the second box set of the dvd for The First Shop of Coffee Prince drama series, I can finally declare that I have the full collection. Yay!

Frankly, I can't wait to start watching the whole series again! Just got to make time for it though.

A gripe I have is that HMV 'overcharged' me by $7! If you look at the price tag in the picture below, which is a scan of my dvd box, the box set is going for $25.90 per set at the shops. So, Hellohallyu recommend all Korean drama fans to play their smart money on non-HMV shops, such as TS and Poh Kim, to get your Coffee Prince dvds.

The First Shop of Coffee Prince DVD boxset 2
If Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo are not incentives enough for you to buy this series, than perhaps the free coffee that comes with each box set may loosen the purse strings a little. Yes, TS is actually giving a packet of Super Coffemix 3 in 1 (containing 10 satchets) for the purchase of each boxset.

Now you can catch Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Hyul in action while sipping on a hot cup of aromatic coffee. What a wonderful way to enjoy a Korean drama.

Free Coffee!!!

A cuppa to go with the drama!

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