November 10, 2007

DVD for The First Shop of Coffee Prince is now available in Singapore

Imagine my joy when I saw the dvd boxset for The First Shop of Coffee Prince on a shelf in HMV Citylink Mall last weekend.

Nine to 12 months is, or used to be, the norm for dvds of the hottest Korean dramas to reach Singapore's shores. Being able to get my hands on Coffee Prince in Singapore, barely 3 months after its screening in Korea, definitely qualifies as a hugely wonderful experience.

For fans who are itching to watch this drama, head down to HMV Citylink Mall and head for the section for dvd-drama. The boxset, 1 out of 2, costs S$32.90 and comes in the Code 3 version. I will be keeping a lookout for the release of the second boxset. I will update again once I get my hands on the second boxset.


laurana said...

is this the full drama? and does it come with english subtitles?

i've just come across your blog today by coincidence and it's been interesting reading. thanks :)

Teddy said...

Hi Laurana,

The full version comes in 2 boxsets. What I showed is boxset 1. Sorry to say that this version only has Chinese subs. I would love to have an English subbed version too.

Anyway, I am glad that you enjoyed reading my posts. Do drop by and share on your love for K-dramas too! :)


laurana said...

Thanks, Teddy! I'll just wait for the Eng subbed ones then. My Chinese isn't all that flash :P

I'll certainly do that. Yours and yupgi's posts are entertaining. Checking out some of the other k-dramas you recommended now. Have a nice day in sunny Singapore!

Teddy said...

Thanks! :)

Hope you love the dramas which Yupgi and I enjoyed!