November 16, 2007

Timeless Beauty - Lee Young Ae

Looking at the pictures of Lee Young Ae below gives a whole new meaning to the term "timeless beauty". Since her debut in the early 1990s, Lee Young Ae has not visibly aged. Can anyone tell that she's already approaching the big "four-O". I seriously doubt so.

What's different in her looks between the photo taken in 1995 with that of 2007 is the added grace and sophistication in her features.

Wonder how many other female Korean stars will be able to age as gracefully as this classic beauty.

Timeless beauty of Lee Young Ae
Timeless beauty of Lee Young Ae



Anonymous said...

she is more then beauty she is like an angle..will i be able to see her one day,waiting for that moment.

Anonymous said...

timeless beauty ^o^
dang, she's so beautiful
even as the time passes by