December 14, 2007

Kim Jeong Hoon coming to Singapore this Sunday!

Usually my mails are boring administrative stuff and some comments on the Snow Queen MV which I posted in Youtube. So, it was a pleasant surprise when I saw the above email from Tour2Korea.

Looks like fans of Kim Jeong Hoon are having an early Christmas celebration this year. To be exact, they will be celebrating when he will have a meet-the-fans session at the Korea Plaza this Sunday (16 Dec). I contemplated the idea of obtaining a ticket, since I enjoyed Princess Hours, and would like to see how the actor looked like in real life.

A check with Kim Jeong Hoon's Singaporean fan site (Oh My Hoon) revealed that the tickets were already sold out. I am kinda disappointed, but no offence to Kim's fans, he's still no Gong Yoo or Yoon Eun Hye. I will definitely not miss any visits by these two to Singapore. Come hell or highwater, you will see Teddy braving the paparazzi to just have a view of his favourite Korean stars.

Fans of Kim Jeong Hoon may still want to make a trip to the Korea Centre just to catch a glimpse of their idol this weekend. I am sure he would at least do the customary wave to fans amassing outside the centre.

Good luck guys!

Oh yes, if anyone manages to get his photos during his visit, I would be most willing to post them here to share with them with his worldwide fans. Just drop me an email at

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sarmen said...

very nice!

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