December 13, 2007

Movie: My Love

(Source: The Korea Times)

Kam Woo Seong (Alone in Love and The King and I) will kick off this Christmas season with a 'Christmasy' new movie - My Love. With a rather similar storyline and premise, comparisons have been made between this movie and the 2003 UK hit movie Love Actually.

Looking at the pictures (My Love - above, Love Actually - below), I cannot help but notice the My Love is trying, not very subtly, to mimic the success formula of Love Actually. The red-and-white theme is especially telling.

The Korea Herald article - 'My Love' nowhere near 'Love Actually' had this to say about the movie:

"My Love" attempts to mimic the famous romantic comedy formula set by "Love Actually" (2003), and the effort itself deserves some attention because the Christmas holiday season is just around the corner, and young Korean couples are keen to watch sweet, feel-good films with the snow falling.

"My Love" has some common grounds with "Love Actually." Obviously, as the title suggests, its target audiences as well as screening time are already set at around the year-end. Both films present multiple couples. But that's the end of the tenuous similarities, and everything else in "My Love" is dramatically inferior to those featured in "Love Actually."

You can read the full article here The Korea Herald. It's not a direct link as all the links in the website, just like all roads lead to Rome, leads to The Korea Herald main address. :)

For me, I am willing to risk it since I enjoyed Kam Woo Seong's impeccable performance in Alone in Love. Should My Love disappoints, I can always dust off my dvd collection and pop in Love Actually.

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