December 5, 2007

The perfect X'mas gift for Gong Yoo fans

What's the one thing which allows you to see Gong Yoo each and every day of the 365 days in a year?

The answer should send all Gong Yoo fans to the stratosphere.

The answer is... the 2008 Gong Yoo Calendar.

Now to bring everyone, except the Japanese, back to earth. Only 2000 copies of the calendar will be printed. Not only that. The release is only for the Japanese market!

The Japanese are so blessed. They have their J-pop, Sony gadgets, PS3, and now, Gong Yoo's calendar!

I can only leave you with an image of what we will be missing...

Who's yummier? The doughnut? Or 'yummylicious' Gong Yoo?

More images can be found at popseoul. Perhaps there's still hope for fans hoping to get their hands on the calendar. Yesasia seems to be stocking up on the calendar, and from its advertisement (no, I am not an affiliate), they seem to be shipping to countries other than Japan.

Hope all non-Japanese Gong Yoo fans have the perfect X'mas gift by getting their hands on the calendar!

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Cha-Lou said...

I think Gong Yoo so cute !