December 10, 2007

Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2007

A post by "kdramafanasia" in the soompi forums listed the Top 10 Dramas of 2007 based on results compiled by TNS Media Research for average viewership rating.

The top 10 dramas for the year are:
1. Jumong (MBC) - 47.3%

2. Pure 19 (KBS1) - 39.7%

3. War Of Money (SBS) - 31.0%

4. As Much As Heaven And Earth (KBS1) - 29.0%

5. Story Of First King's Four Gods/Legend (MBC) - 28.8%

6. I Hate You But It's Fine (KBS1) - 28.8%

7. Dae Jo Young (KBS1) - 26.3%

8. Blissful Woman (KBS2) - 25.2%

9. My Man's Woman (SBS) - 24.5%

10. First Shop Of Coffee Prince (MBC) - 24.2%

Perhaps in a weird coincidence, I only managed to watch Jumong, which is currently running on the telly, and First Shop of Coffee Prince, which happen to be rated 1st and 10th respectively in the chart.

Although I did not take part in the polling, I am not surprised that Jumong topped the list of dramas despite the highly competitive environment for drama series in Korea. With its fast paced action, tight storyline, great acting and beautiful sets, it is easy to imagine Koreans being glued to the tv, which is in fact happening to me now, when the drama is screening.

Can't say much for the dramas rated as 2nd to 9th on the chart since I did not manage to catch any of them.

Being a fan of both Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo, I am glad that Coffee Prince managed to squeeze itself into the top 10, which in itself is already a feat. It would be a great disservice to the Korean entertainment scene if this drama did not make it to the list. Tell me honestly, apart from the classic Friends, which other drama had the influence to convince girls to lop off their locks for a Go Eun Chan hairdo?


Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I am watching Coffee Prince now... At 11th episode... I find it starting to drag, but Yoon Eun Hye's acting saves the show... :)

Teddy said...

Can't really remember what took place at episode 11. But I do remember that the few episodes where Gong Yoo mulled over his sexuality was kinda long. But that said, the whole package is great! If you got the dvds, you gotta watch the Coffee Prince Special. :)

car workshop said...

i always thought that coffee prince did better than the others...
never watch jumong before maybe i should since it's number one
and bae yong jon drama is number four?

kitchen cabinet said...

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