April 1, 2008

Kim Tae Hee looks stunning sans make-up in ads for Olympus

In her latest advertisements for Olympus digital cameras, Kim Tae Hee shows the way to look stylish and beautiful with little make-up and no photoshop, I hope!

(Image Source: olympusmju.co.kr)


Luna Esa said...

Heh heh...sorry to spoil your fantasy, but its next to impossible that this lady in the ad has little makeup on. For their skin to appear this flawless and perfect, I can bet my bottom dollar the makeup they used could easily be 10x the amount I use daily. =P

Teddy said...

Lolz. Guess girls are better at spotting the make-up on other girls than clueless guys like me. I really thought her make-up is quite light. Then again, who am I to argue against one who uses make-up. :)