April 27, 2008

Legend (Tae Wang Sa Shim Gi)

Watching Bae Yong Jun in Legend was such a strange experience. He's just not suited for period dramas. I think it's his eyes - they are too specky.

Anyway this is really Lord of the Rings set in Korea, oh sorry, Goguryeo. Bae stars as King Damdeok, great-great-great-grandson of King Jumong (remember that guy?). And here's the amazing secret we were not privy to when watching MBC's Jumong - the founding emperor of Guchosun is actually a god who looks like Bae Yong Jun. With flowing white hair. Shudder.

Really brief synopsis of episode 1: The white-haired god (superstar of the entire show) has four other demi-gods watching over him. Except one of them went crazy and tried to destroy the world after her newborn child was stolen from her. Oh, and did I mention she also happened to be the white-haired god's wife? And technically speaking, she isn't really even a demi-god. Yeah, well, it's complicated...

So complicated that it takes us the next 31 episodes to find out if she (acted by my newest idol Lee Ji Ah) is going to be reunited with her god of a husband in their next lives. This show has got everything - mythogical beasts, demi-gods, tribal wars, magical artifacts, even reincarnation. So hang on to your seat.

The cinematography of Legend is really amazing. No wonder Teddy said Japan is actually screening this episode by episode in the cinemas! There are probably plenty of aunties who would gladly pay to watch Bae ride a horse, brandish a sword and look sagely as a legendary king. If you ask me, he's ok. But really not that drool-worthy. I prefer the boy who acted as as the teen Damdeok. :) But of course, the only real idol material who emerged from Legend is Lee Ji Ah (Yoon Eun Hye, watch out)!

Oh, the soundtrack is not bad. Total score 6.5/10.

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