July 24, 2008

MBC - Beethoven Virus

Fresh from her success in The Legend, Lee Ji Ah will exhange her magical orb for a musical instrument (violin) in MBC's new drama series, Beehtoven Virus. Lee plays the role of a talented violinist who plies her trade in subway trains, and stations, busker style. The drama will air on MBC on 3 September.

Gotta find out more about this drama as I am sure that it will likely end up as one of those dramas which I will 'collect' in its DVD version.

Lee Ji Ah looking the part as a street musician in the upcoming drama - Beethoven Virus


Saw Lady said...

Thank you for telling about this film. I want to see it, too!
I am actually a musician playing in the subway myself... though I don't play violin.
If you find out more info about this film, I hope you will share it on your blog.

All the best,

Saw Lady

Regina Carmanita said...

i was watched it 3 or 4 months ago, and i think that is an unique film! that's not an ordinary love...

and i 'Passion', one of many Beethoven Virus soundtrack. i was downloaded it and i hear it all the time, until now haha

Regina Carmanita said...