January 28, 2009

Park Yong Ha returns to the big screen with "The Scam"

Fresh from his success in On Air, Park Yong Ha's new movie, The Scam, will be released soon on 12 Feb 2009. Coming at a time when the global financial landscape is being ravaged by the credit crisis and the recent Madoff case, this movie is sure attract interest not only amongst Park's fans, but also the general public.
Here's what Park had to say about his role:

"I mostly played suave roles in melodramas, so I was drawn to my disheveled, desperate character. Also, the script was so gripping, despite my zero knowledge of stocks,'' said the "On Air'' star, who is also a popular singer in Japan. He sported a semi casual look with a crisp white T-shirt and gray suit. The 31-year-old plays his first prominent film role ever since starring in an obscure project 10 years ago ("When It Snows on Christmas'') and a supporting role "Again.''

The movie also stars Kim Min Jung, Park Huel Soon and Kim Mu Yeol.

Read the full article "Park Yong Ha Returns as Scam Artist" from The Korea Korea Times here.

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