July 25, 2009

An Inspiration

I found the lady in the article, from JoongAng Daily, below really inspiring. For an able-bodied person, I am prone to complain and whine about stuff when things are not going my way. It takes a lot of strength for a young person like Jeong Eun-sook to live her dream despite the physical challenges she faces in her daily life.

Not sure if she would ever read this, but I would like to wish her "all the best in life and her animation career."

Jeong Eun-sook

Even in the depths of despair, the world can be a warm place if you try your best to live life to the fullest.

Those are the words 22-year-old Jeong Eun-sook has lived her life by. She s busy drawing animation frames in her dormitory for her graduation project from Chungkang College of Cultural Industries in Icheon, Gyeonggi.

As a junior in the department of animation, Jeong has to create a 10-minute project; hers is titled The Outing.

But it s difficult for her to grasp the crayons because she can only use three fingers the index and middle fingers and thumb of her left hand. And even they don t have the strength to grasp the crayon properly.

But for Jeong, these three fingers are the most precious parts of her body.

Jeong injured her neck in a car accident when she was 9 years old. The accident paralyzed her below the shoulders except for those three fingers.

Jeong s roommate has to help her get out of bed and into her wheelchair every morning. When she needs to eat or go to the bathroom, she relies on others help.

I have no choice but to get help from a lot of people and I am very thankful. I can only manage the movement of the wheelchair with my fingers by using a control stick, Jeong said.

Sitting on her desk were two finished drawings from her film.

You can read the full article here.

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nikkitembo said...

"I can only manage the movement of the wheelchair with my fingers by using a control stick"

It is always inspiring to read about stories of people who don't let their disabilities hinder them.

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