July 23, 2009

Jessica Gomes to cameo in STYLE

STYLE, Jessica Gomes

(Source: Swimsuit Illustrated)

Having made her fame in Sport Illustrated's 2008 and 2009 swimsuit issue, Jessica Gomes will now strut her stuff in a cameo role in the upcoming SBS drama STYLE. If her swimwear shots are anything to go by, I am sure her presence in the series will bump up the interest in the drama by several notches.

An interesting point to note is Jessica's link to Singapore. She's actually an Australian model of Singaporean and Portuguese heritage. Way to Jessica! Finally, a Singaporean, or half-Singaporean, in a Korean drama. :)

Here are some photos of what we can expect to see of her in STYLE. The swimsuit shot is a bonus.

STYLE - Jessica Gomes

STYLE - Jessica Gomes

STYLE - Jessica Gomes

STYLE - Jessica Gomes

STYLE - Jessica Gomes


Stephan said...

I'm a fan of Korean actor and actress my fave actor is lee min ho and kim bum. I think you have the sexy photo of Jessica gomez, it will be better if you also list several information bout films and her debut and career.

Margaret said...

When I read this article for the first time, I directly think that, "Is this girl related to Selena Gomes?".

I follow Korean dramas and movies, but seriously I never see her in this industry. I think I should agree with Stephan. You should give more information about her including her movies or her career. Thank you.