July 30, 2009

Park Han Byul's Photoshoot

It is a pleasant surprise to see Park Han Byul once again. For us, at HelloHallyu, we have sadly not heard anything about after seeing her on Fantasy Couple, a series which we enjoyed a lot, since it also introduced us to the hunk, which we know as Oh Ji Ho.

Anyway, Oh's not the topic of this post since Park Han Byul's pretty face is captured in a photoshoot in the old military naval base - Clark, in the Philippines. Apparently the photographers were charmed by the innoncent yet sophisticated maturity. Hey, who would be lost staring into that beautiful face.

Mobile subscribers of SK and LG telecos and KTF users would be able to get these photos from 30 August. Sigh, the lucky blokes in Korea.

Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul

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Ma.encarnacion said...

She's so beautiful and cute and also adorable hahaha!!!!!!!! i THINK THOSE WORDS HAVE DESAME MEANINGS is she and goo hye sun are friends??