July 26, 2009

Rain's Ninja Assassin

Rain stars as Raizo a deadly assassin seeking revenge for his friend who was executed by his clan. The movie - Ninja Assassin - will take viewers through various cities in Europe as Raizo engages a game of "cat-and-mouse" with his former clan. If you want to see Rain doing somersaults as he engages multiple opponents and get into bloody fights, this movie is definitely for you.

Check out the poster and trailer of the movie below.

Ninja Assassin - Rain


Caesar said...

Hopefully this isn't another disaster like Jeon Ji Hyun's vampire!

Watch Ninja Assassin Online For Free said...

I absolutely loved this ninja movie. Great Action scenes.

I loved how they just sliced body parts with their sword. Yes I know mybusters will call them out, but i don't care, it was still good.