July 16, 2009


Depicting a profession or industry has in recent years been the forte of Korean drama productions. Beyond the sensationalising and glamour of the drama, viewers are given a peek into the often mysterious workings of various industries.

We at HelloHallyu had good fortune to enjoy several dramas of this genre over the years. And here's the list - the industry is listed in brackets.

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (Medicine/Hospital)
Spotlight (TV Journalism)
On Air (TV Drama production/Entertainment)
The Man in the Vineyard (Grape farming/Agriculture)
Night After Night (Archaeology/Antiquities)

I for one thoroughly enjoyed the detailed explanations of the various work processes of the various industries/professional fields depicted in the dramas. While the factual accuracy must be taken with a pinch of salt, they being dramatisation of real life professions, I still have to say that I have really gained a new understanding and appreciation of the jobs that these people do.


Looking ahead, SBS's new drama "STYLE" will showcase the going-ons behinds the secretive doors of a fashion magazine house. Based on the original novel with the same title, STYLE depicts the lives of fashion magazine editors.

I am sure we will be treated to loads of cat fights between over ambitious female editors, eye candies, in the form of male/female models, sensational gossip story lines and, by now, the stereotypical gay creative director.

The Devil Wears Prada

Modelled after the successful Hollywood flick "The Devil Wears Prada", STYLE is definitely something to look forward to. The drama will run from 1 Aug 2009, so mark that date on the calendar!


By the way, it also stars Li Ji Ah. Although I am somewhat disappointed by her less than commanding acting in Beethoven's Virus, which I am watching now, I am still looking forward to this production since SBS almost always pulls it off when handling drama of such genre. And hey, who can seriously say that they dislike Lee's sweet and disarming smile.


Regina Carmanita said...

i love Lee Ji Ah.. ha but i don't like her character in STYLE..

Aldo said...

Well, I think that Korean style is the best in Asia. I love the way they mix and match different colors and style for one occasions. Look so refreshing and cute at the same time.

Graham said...

I love the Korean drama especially Korean dramas that tell a story about everyday life. I love the Korean drama because the story straight to the point of issue. And then Korean Drama on average has a very short episode.