July 7, 2009

Song Hye Gyo most loved by Hong Kongers

Hong Kong polls show that Song Hye Gyo is their favourite Korean star. In the poll, which was conducted between 11-14 Jun 2009, by the Korean Tourism Organisation's branch in Hong Kong, 1145 Hong Kongers were asked who were their favourite Korean stars.

Here are the results of the polls:

Song Hye Gyo

I am Hong Kong's favourite Korean star!
(Source: STARNEWS)

1. Song Hye Gyo (40.4%)
2. Lee Young Ae (40.2%)
3. Jeon Ji Hyeon (31.2%)
4. Bae Yong Jun (16.2%)
5. Rain (14.4%)

When asked where they would like to visit when in Korea, Hong Kongers preferred the following sites:

1. Seoul (68.2%)
2. Jeju Island (42.6%)
3. Gangwon-do (24.7%)

1 comment:

song hye gyo said...

No wonder why Song Hye Gyo is their favourite Korean star in Hong Kong.
Coz she is so beautiful and a great actress.