March 22, 2014

We are Back!!!

Having been away from my beloved HelloHallyu blog for almost four years, I now return to a Korean entertainment scene that has not only evolved dramatically, to say the least, but also to a new era where a new generation of new stars and Kpop groups have emerged.  I am definitely looking forward to sharing with you my views and thoughts about the efforts and achievements of these new artistes in furthering the reach of the Hallyu wave.  That said, I am heartened to see that veteran artistes are going as strong today as they were in 2010.

Despite the long absence, where our daughter came along (in 2010), I have maintained my love for all things Korean.  Indeed, rarely a day goes by without me coming into contact with something Korean.  Be it food, music or drama, I continue to get my "K-fix" as often as I can.  If anything is to go by, there's is always a punnet of Korean strawberries in my overloaded refrigerator.  Hmmmm, I still wonder how Korean farmers manage to grow such sweet strawberries throughout the year.

Anyway, I really have to thank the drama My Love from Another Star for rekindling my passion to once again post here and share my thoughts about all the things I love about the Korean culture and entertainment.  

My Love from Another Star

So, here I go again!  Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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