June 25, 2007

Review: Fantasy Couple (Episode 1)

(Source: Hancinema)

Woman with a "bad-ass" attitude. Naked man in a female bathhouse. A cat that's worth 10 million won. Put these together and you get the Korean drama - Fantasy Couple (Couple in Trouble). Honestly, my interest in Fantasy Couple was sparked off only by the fact that this MBC production piped, well, trounced would be a more fitting word, KBS' The Snow Queen when both were aired at almost the same time at the end of last year. Having enjoyed Snow Queen immensely, I just have to find out what's the big deal with Fantasy Couple.

Fantasy Couple contains similar themes to that of The Snow Queen. Each has its own "snobbish" female protagonists, Kim Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri) and Jo Anna (Han Ye Seul), and good looking leading men, in the form of Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) and Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho). What sets the dramas apart is that the Snow Queen is a depressingly sad show, while Fantasy Couple is a romantic comedy offering lots of laughs. Put them back to back on the TV at the same time slot and you know where viewers would head for.

Think I talked too much about The Snow Queen when I should be writing on Fantasy Couple. Anyway, based on episode 1, I can say that Fantasy Couple makes for great entertainment after a hard day's work. It's definitely worth a laugh for those in need of a good laugh. Adding to these is the fact that both Han Ye Suel and Oh Ji Ho are both eye candies. This drama contains the right ingredients for a rollicking good time!

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