June 25, 2007

Coffee Prince anticipation heats up

The series is slated to air in Korea on July 2nd, and the anticipation surrounding it is really quite unbelievable. One obvious reason: Yoon Eun Hye in short hair!

[Image source: Popseoul]

Stills of First Shop of Coffee Prince are already making their rounds online. We got our first glimpse of the series, thanks to the folks at Popseoul. I'm not sure when the series will actually hit Singapore shores, but if there aren't any more good shows for the Hallyu fan in me to watch on KBS World after Flowers of My Life, I'll be ordering the Coffee Prince DVDs online. When it comes to artistes I support, I make sure I buy original. :)



Teddy said...

Yes. The anticipation feels as if the world is holding it's breath for the next big thing in K-drama. I have a strong feeling that Coffee Prince is what Goong was to us in 2006.

Btw, I think YEH looks really mature and sophisticated with her short hairdo. Can't wait to see her in the drama!

Yupgi, you have my full support if you intend to get the dvds! :)

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

Yes, I agree. We must buy originals when we actually want to see the artistes we support more. Heehee!
I will be buying this show too.

Yupgi said...

Maybe we should get more Hallyu fans to pool our orders and save on the shipping charges. Lol.

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

I think we can pool in to buy. Which part of sg are u guys living? I am from NE.

Yupgi said...

We are staying more to the west. If you come across any good k-drama buys online, drop us a note. We'll see if we can save some $$ together!

Teddy said...

Good idea! Actually I have a better one which not only save on shipping but getting discounts too!

Icysnowqueen, do email me at hellohallyu@gmail.com so that we can share with you the details. :D

asianbuzz said...

I just finished 4 episodes of Coffee Prince this morning...3 am! It is so good that I stayed up and posted about it on my blog. YEH is very adorable and she plays her character so well! I can't wait to see the next few episodes. That's the only think about watching series ahead of time, you are left hanging! :)