July 5, 2007

Korean Star all Suited Up for New SBS Drama

Read in Chosun Ilbo that one of the hunkiest, well I think he is, Korean male stars is donning a fat suit for an upcoming drama. This brings back memories of other stars, both global and regional - Asia, who had donned fat suits before.

See the pictures below. Do they ring a bell? People, no peeping at the source! It will take away the fun of guessing who these stars are. :)

Fat Suited Girl: Who is she?

(Source: themakeupgallery)

Fat Suited Hunk 1: Who is he?

(Source: acdrifter.com)


(Source: http://www.sbs.co.kr/)

Fat Suited Girl
Here's the answers. Fat suited girl is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow. She donned the suit in the 2001 movie - Shallow Hal. The make-up artists sure did a good job in transforming this stunningly elegant and beautiful actress into the unrecognisable girl in the picture above.

Fat Suited Hunk 1
This should be easy. Perhaps more so for fans in Asia. He's an Asia and global star whose face has appeared on the silver screens all over the world. Hint: Think House of the Flying Daggers.

Fat Suited Hunk 1 is none other than Hong Kong's very own heart-throb - Andy Lau. Frankly, I think Hong Kong's make-up artists, for the movie Love On a Diet, did a so-so job for Andy's fat suit. It is pretty obvious that they "allowed" him to maintain some of this natural good looks despite slopping tons of make-up and rubber on his face. Guess they did not want to "uglify" him too much. Compared Andy's fat suit with that of our Korean hunk of the day.

So did anyone get it right?

The Korean Star in Fat Suit
Readers who guessed Oh Ji Ho is correct! Yup, he's the hunk who played the character Chul Soo, the male lead with the chiseled looks and sculpted body in the Fantasy Couple. Oh Ji Ho dons the fat suit for the upcoming SBS drama Butcher Oh Soo Jung. Read more of this drama in this thread in soompi's forum (you gotta be a member to log in though), loads of pictures showing how he transformed from the hunk we know him to be into the huge guy you see in the picture above.

Here's more selected photos of Oh Ji Ho in the fat suit. :)

(Source: http://www.sbs.co.kr/)

(Source: chosun.com)

(Source: HanCinema)


Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

Is there something about being fat that people keep making shows on it?
I don't know... I am not fat, but I do think it is not very nice to see oneself on screen being laughed at, teased or stereotyped.
What's your take?

Yupgi said...

Bigger folks are also normal people. By making a show out of them, it's as if we are saying because they are fat, they are different. But at the end of the day, it still depends on how the movie or series is done. Personally I thought the Andy Lau/Sammi Cheng movie was total crap.

Yupgi said...

Oh yeah, 200 Pounds Beauty was slightly better, but also not that great...

mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mike said...

I myself think it is a good thing since this will give Koreans a glimps at how people are treated because of being over weight.. and not because of the person that is inside.

Anonymous said...

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