November 19, 2007

Hello Hallyu's Favourite Period Drama Poll Results

Based on a grand total of 4 votes, which I consider a good start, readers overwhelmingly voted "The Legend" as their all-time favourite Korean period drama.

Here's the poll results:
Daejunggum - 1 vote
Jumong - No votes
Seodongyo - No votes
The Legend - 3 votes (readers' choice!)

(Source: MBC's official site)

MBC's The Legend or The Story of the First King's Four Gods (currently on air) stars Bae Yong Jun who takes on 3 characters, the main being the Great King Kwang-gae-to (Damdeok). The storyline of this drama is similar to Jumong in that it has a mythical spin to it. In The Legend, the story is about the Four Gods looking for their true master - Damdeok.

Based on what I have read, The Legend is a hugely popular series with viewership averaging 30% in recent weeks. Hitting the big three-O is a target for all Korean dramas, and to hit and maintain such high ratings mean that either Bae Yong Jun is pulling in the eyeballs or the story must truly be well written.

I am looking forward to catching this drama on the telly once the cable operator here obtains the rights.

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