November 19, 2007

Update on KBS drama series Flowers for My Life

Many people have been asking if KBS' drama - Flowers for My Life will be released on dvd. Like so many other who have enjoyed this drama, I also wondered if I will be able to obtain its dvd release for collection.

Rather than waiting around and surfing through forums, I decided to write in to KBS on this. And since I am not an industry insider, my only point of contact was KBS World's website. From there I wrote to Mr Woo-min Kim, who's the Senior Sales Manager handling KBS' Southeast Asia's account.

And here's my email correspondence with KBS below.

Hello Hallyu's email to KBS

KBS' reply to HelloHallyu

The local (Singaporean) media company BlueMax has apparently purchased the rights for this drama here. Naturally, the next step for me is to check with BlueMax on the release date.

Would like to say a big "Thank You" to Mr Kim at KBS again for the prompt reply. Frankly, I was mentally prepared to receive a template corporate email reply from KBS. Their prompt and useful reply really made my day.

For fans who would like to check on the probable release of titles in home countries, you can check the regional KBS sales manager contacts here.

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