December 16, 2007

Music Video: Flowers of My Life (74-75)

Did I say that Flowers for My Life is my all-time favourite K-drama series? Well, I have to say it once more! It's my favourite, and it's the BEST!

Apart from the well-scripted story, impeccable acting, it also has a really nice soundtrack. Pity that KBS doesn't plan to produce an OST for the drama.

Anyway, I managed to track down this fan-made music video which uses one of the songs "74-75", which happens to be one of my favourite tracks in the drama. Sit back, enjoy the clip and the nice music.


Anonymous said...

Like you ,I think Flowers For My Life is one if not the best Korean drama series I have have seen and I've seen more than 50 including Winter Sonata/Stairway/Autumn tale etc.It is disappointing that KBS did not produce the OST as it is beautiful.Heart of 19 (Pure 19) is also a beautiful series I recommend to everybody.
KDRama Fan from New Jersey

Teddy said...

I am sure Heart of 19 must be a good drama for it to be mentioned in the same breath as Flowers for My Life. I will definitely check it out. :)

sarmen said...

very nice!
we have subtitled version