January 30, 2008

Hong Gil Dong, The Hero

(Image Source: KBS)

Korean drama meant one thing for me and Mydaemon in the last 18 weeks. . . Jumong

This monster of a drama, at 81 episodes, finally ended its run last Friday. While I enjoyed the rich elaborate sets, costumes and a well developed story, Jumong became kind of a chore to watch as the scriptwriters lost their way for the last 20 odd episodes. In my opinion, it was a poor end to a wonderful drama. Only good news is that the end of Jumong meant 'free' time to watch other Korean dramas. :)

The timing can't be more perfect as Hong Gil Dong, The Hero started its run on KBS World (on Singapore's Starhub's CableVision Channel 100) last Thurs morning at 3am. As a self-confessed Sung Yu Ri fan, I what all fans did. I set up the recorder to tape the first episode of Hong Gil Dong. C'mon, you don't seriously expect me to stay awake till 3am to catch a Korean drama.

Well, did you?

Anyway, having viewed both episode 1 and 2 (KBS World screens the drama on Wed and Thurs nights) over the last weekend, I now understand what the critics meant when they described the jokes in Hong Gil Dong as those of the "bathroom humour" sort and how Sung Yu Ri broke out of her stereotyped roles seen in The Snow Queen and One Fine Day.

Take cover! Hong Gil Dong is coming!
(Image Soucrce: KBS)

With his trademark mischevious twinkle in the eye and that cheeky smile, it is no wonder that Kang Ji Hwan was chosen to take on the role of a town bull and public enemy No. 1 - Hong Gil Dong. His face alone, with those rose tinted glasses, is already worth a laugh.

The charming Sung trying to charm a snake.
(Image Soucrce: KBS)

For Sung Yu Ri, her portrayal of Heo Yi Nok, the money minded, clumsy, yet kind side-kick to Hong Gil Dong has indeed helped her breakout of the soppy, sad, but beautiful girl roles which she did in her previous drama series. In Hong Gil Dong, Sung trades her now famous stereotypical 'cool' persona for one which does some outrageous mad-cap actions which included a scene where she does her 'big' business in a field while singing to ease the passage of her ehem, waste.

The drama was so funny that there was rarely a moment when me and Mydaemon were not laughing away. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series.


formidablerivals said...

this is one of the wonderful drama series i saw in kbs

Anonymous said...

yes, it is one of the best dramas! Too bad that song when Sung tries to charm the snake isn't on the OST, it appeared a few times throughout the drama. Anyone know what it is called?

Sarmen said...

awesome show
we have subtitled version