January 24, 2008

Seeing stars in Orchard Road

Mydaemon and I was doing some Lunar New Year (Yippee!) shopping in Wisma Atrium, located along Singapore's most famous shopping belt - Orchard Road, when Mydaemon suddenly stopped in mid-stride, held my arm, which stopped me in my tracks, and pointed to a huge advertisement display.

"Do you know who's that?" she asked.

Staring back at me with large beautiful eyes was the face of a glamourous looking face featured on a huge Laneige ad. The face looked kind of familiar but I was scratching my head and trying very hard to place a name to that pretty face.

"Er, dunno?" was my answer.

Mydaemon gave me an incredulous look of disbelief and wondered out loud...

"How could you claim to be a fan of Korean entertainment and write in HelloHallyu when you can't even identify Jeon Ji Hyeon!"

Taking a closer look, it indeed was Jeon Ji Hyun's beautiful face on the ad. Ok, that was indeed embarassing.

Well, sometimes women do know best, especially when they are your wives. Anyway, just read somewhere that Song Hye Gyo has just replaced Jeon Ji Hyeon as the model for Laneige. Now, Song's face is definitely one which I will not get wrong.

Well, that's until proven wrong again by my wife. :P

And here's the ad.

Photo by Teddy

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