January 31, 2009

Introducing Lee Chae Young

Happen to catch Arirang's interview with Lee Chae Young earlier this morning. Dressed in over sized sweater, a headful of unkempt hair and a pair of huge black plastic framed glasses, Lee Chae Young looked like the pretty girl you will walk past at the mall.

What struck me about this young and upcoming star is the sincere way she answered the interview's questions and how comfortably she carried herself with little to no make-up, which is an act frowned upon in the entertainment industry. It is also interesting to hear her say that she the real her is coming forth in the interview when she is free from the layers of make-up . It is this remark which caught my eye.

It was refreshing to watch an interview where the star has let her hair down and speak freely. Gone are the constant need to look like a million bucks and pressure to put on the best public face lest a slip of tongue or an inappropriate facial expression gets one into trouble.

In the interview, Chae Yong shared that before hitting 30, she sets herself one goal every year. Quite a down-to-earth attitude towards life, unlike the fluffy stuff which most stars dish out during interviews. Her goal(s) for 2009 is to master the guitar as well as the English language. I am definitely looking forward to seeing her doing some lines in English for future dramas.

You can catch Chae Young in the KBS drama - Empress Chun Choo (The Iron Empress) which is currently running on KBS World.

I know that most other websites are focusing on her rather saucy shots for Maxim, however, HelloHallyu will show Chae Young as who she really came across during the interview (see photo above). So enjoy the rather 'tame' photos as well as one her publicity shot for the drama (below).

(Source: SPN)

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DarKScoRpioN said...

Lee Chae Young absolutely rocks. She's a real Korean diva. Hot and sexy. She's got the looks and the curves. Always a joy to look at. Check out 38 hot scans of Lee Chae Young.